Last version


October 19, 2018

Windows  | MacOS

  • Added an automatic 1-day prolongation of the trial period when installing each new Syncaila update
  • Support for Vegas 16 (Unlike previous versions, Vegas 16 saves the full file paths to the XML. It is recommended to export to *.fcpxml format to avoid problems with duplicate file names)
  • Fixed: errors of importing audio files from synchronized XML to Edius (occurred when the file frame rate did not match the project frame rate)
  • Improved: from now clips are not trimmed by one frame at the end after exporting from Syncaila
  • Fixed: when there were images or media files without audio in a sequence, errors occurred while importing into some editing programs


August 13, 2018

Windows  | MacOS

  • Fixed: some tracks were not exported to the multicam-clip in *.fcpxml format if there were additional tracks
  • Fixed program crash while exporting an empty sequence
  • Improved quality of icons on HighDPI and Retina displays
  • Fixed: intermittent playback of sound alerts in some versions of MacOS
  • Fixed: the Minimize button did not work in MacOS High Sierra


Jule 27, 2018

Windows  | MacOS

  • Fixed: missing clips during the synchronization process. It could occur on large projects with files of long duration and insufficient processor power.
  • Added: automatic missing file search in the folder with XML (useful for exporting from Sony Vegas, was removed in version 1.3 with the introduction of semi-automatic path fixer)
  • Improved: automatic scaling of the sequence viewport
  • Fixed: various problems with visual updates during synchronization


June 12, 2018

Windows  | MacOS

  • Added the path fixer, a tool for a semi-automatic fixing of invalid file paths
  • Improved support for Sony Vegas. Now you do not need to wait for all the media files to be copied during the export from Sony Vegas. Correction of file paths in Syncaila will take about a minute
  • Added ability to change the size of the window
  • Added support for High DPI displays. Added appropriate item in the settings
  • Added detailed license information in the license window
  • Improved: videos without audio track are no longer transferred to a separate track
  • Improved: drawing of audio waves
  • Fixed: invalid resolution and scale after export from Syncaila in XML format, if a sequence has the anamorphic format
  • Fixed: program crashes while truncating the tracks for the limited license usage
  • Other interface improvements
  • Other fixes and optimizations that increase the stability of the program
  • Added a more pleasant way to install Syncaila on MacOS


May 8, 2018

Windows  | MacOS

  • Fixed: various possible errors of XML file export
  • Tested: support for DaVinci Resolve 15 and Sony Vegas 15


April 27, 2018

Windows  | MacOS

  • Added: MultiCam clip to the export to FCPXML X
  • Supported: old Final Cut Pro X versions down to 10.0, and old FCPXML X versions down to 1.0
  • Supported: old MacOS X versions down to “Mountain Lion”
  • Fixed: freezings at the beginning of synchronization. Occurred when running the program on dual-core or single-core processors, and with the same file names
  • Fixed: unlinked clips after synchronization
  • Fixed: export of the first sequence instead of the other one selected (FCPXML X format)


February 18, 2018

Windows  | MacOS

  • Support for LightWorks (Use versions below 14 for auto-sync with Syncaila as newer versions are unstable in terms of XML import)
  • Support for DaVinci Resolve
  • Support for Final Cut Pro 7
  • Fixed the problem with downloading files from the network environment
  • Other improvements in reading and saving XML and FCPXML formats
  • Other fixes


December 25, 2017

Windows  | MacOS

  • Fixed the “black clips problem” when importing a synchronized project to Final Cut Pro
  • Support for Final Cut Pro 10.4 and XML format X 1.7


December 10, 2017

Windows  | MacOS

  • Fixed the incorrect export to XML (X version) of NTSC projects and projects with fps of media different than the project’s fps.
  • Fixed crash while syncing very big projects
  • Modified the behavior of default synchronizing mode (speed-quality shifter = 4). Now the program does not interrupt synchronization in this mode if the result is incomplete (may occur in very complex projects before).


December 1, 2017

Windows  | MacOS

  • The first Mac OS X release
  • Support for Final Cut Pro X
  • Support for Final Cut Pro XML X (*.fcpxml)
  • Quickstart! Automatic background media reading right after the XML import
  • Fixed the sync problems when a video stream has a delay relative to an audio stream in the media
  • Added hibernation blocking when the synchronization is on
  • Other multiple improvements, fixes, and optimizations


October 26, 2017
  • Preliminary support for Sony Vegas (version 12+) through import-export of Final Cut Pro 7 XML (it is necessary to leave the Include Media option enabled when exporting from Sony Vegas)
  • Improved quality of synchronization algorithms. Fixed problems with synchronization of the projects with non-original media files (for example, downloaded, re-encoded, created on the computer or copied with the loss of original metadata)
  • Fixed the warning alert when opening or saving XML, showing the message that this program cannot open this location. Occurred in some Windows releases
  • Fixed various problems related to the caching subsystem
  • Other minor changes and improvements


October 14, 2017
  • Fixed the problem of converting stereo to mono when importing the synchronized XML in Adobe Premiere 2017.1
  • Fixed interface problems with styling under the classic Windows theme, and some others UI-problems
  • Fixed errors of opening files, with non-Latin characters in its paths
  • Links to the site now lead to local pages, depending on the language specified in the software


September 30, 2017
  • Fixed rare bug with seldom incomplete synchronization of random clips in version 1.1
  • Fixed rare bug with seldom incorrect synchronization after switching the Speed-Quality mode
  • Fixed missing alerts related to the new Syncaila version releases
  • Fixed the rare conflict of libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll libraries when the software is launched


September 26, 2017
  • Improved synchronization accuracy!
    Completely revised all the comparing algorithms in order to maximize the accuracy of the synchronization and to eliminate the cases of one frame inaccuracy rarely occurred before. Increased the total number of synchronized clips
  • Improved the synchronization technology allowing to reduce the minimum duration of the clip, suitable for sync
  • User interface improvements. Added a reminder when the synchronization is completed, added a button to minimize the window, additional icons on the toolbar created. In addition, the language by default (from the list of available languages) is automatically detected and installed, and the name of the exported sequence is automatically generated.
  • Fixed the problem when the application freezes in the process of synchronizing extremely long files. Besides the synchronization speed has been increased.
  • Fixed the problem of duplicate files when importing synchronized XML to Adobe Premiere.
  • Fixed the errors when importing audio files in synchronized XML to Edius.
  • Added a feature of saving video and audio filters/effects when exporting from Syncaila (if they are written in XML).
  • Corrected the export of sequences with non-square pixel aspect ratio (for example, HD 1440×1080 anamorphic 1.33).
  • Improved the algorithm of automatic sequence truncation in a free license.


September 14, 2017

The first Syncaila release for Windows