Syncaila is a software tool for video, television and film production, which performs a fully automatic synchronization of audio and video footage from multi-camera shoots.

The purpose of Syncaila is to free the editor from the manual synchronization routine. It saves time and effort for maximum concentration on creative editing tasks.

Syncaila does not require a timecode and searches for audio matches.

Syncaila is based on unique algorithms that simulate the video editor’s logic. Due to this, it produces a synchronization of the highest quality even in the most complex projects with a large number of tracks, a variety of formats and under noisy shooting conditions.

Syncaila works as a standalone application and supports the Final Cut Pro XML file format.

Syncaila is distributed as shareware. It has a 30-day fully functional trial period.

During this time, Syncaila works exactly the same as the full registered version. Once the 30-day trial period is over, Syncaila will switch to free mode, unlimited in time of use, but limited in synchronizing capacity. You can continue to use Syncaila under shareware terms or register Syncaila by purchasing a license key.


  • Highest synchronization quality
    Syncaila offers the highest synchronization quality in the world due to unique algorithms that simulate human logic and the working process of the video editor. It has been developed by authors working in the field of video production.
  • Three simple steps and one-click synchronization
    Syncaila works with just three steps: open, synchronize, save.
  • Attention to chronology
    With Syncaila, you get maximum accuracy in the order and chronology of the synchronized project. Despite the fact that computers do not have the human intuition to correctly handle the endless situational variations that the editor may conceive, Syncaila will do the utmost to produce a human result. Possible errors in the operation of synchronization algorithms are reduced to rare, exceptional situations and will be improved from version to version. Your files will be where they should be.
  • Unique placement of unsynchronized clips
    It is common to work with media files that have very low sound quality or are shot in very noisy conditions or even without any audio track. You do not have to search for such files at the end of the project or discover them in an unexpected place. Syncaila offers a unique placement of exception files with an error of less than a second.
  • High speeds
    Syncaila offers three speed qualities:
    1) Multi-core processor support.
    2) Media Caching – accelerated processing of sequences that have the same footage and almost instant resynchronization.
    3) Saving human resources from hours of work for the average project.
  • Ready for big projects
    Syncaila processes multi-hour footage from multiple cameras and recorders of different models and formats. Splitting a big project into small ones is not required.
  • Speed-Quality Shifter
    Customize the work of Syncaila for your needs with five modes of operation and the choice to prioritize quality or speed.
  • Special interface
    Syncaila presents a beautiful, intuitive, and informative interface specially designed for synchronization tasks.
  • Lifetime upgrade without additional fees
    You receive unlimited free upgrades to the latest version of the Syncaila.
  • 30-day free Trial
    Syncaila has a trial period of 30 days with no limitations on the functions and capacity of synchronization. During this time, you can evaluate the quality of its work while synchronizing your projects.
  • Free 30 clips
    As a gift to each user, Syncaila provides the synchronization of up to 30 clips on two tracks absolutely free and forever.
  • Flexible and economical licensing
    We offer four types of licenses for your tasks and synchronization capacities. Save with Syncaila!


Supports 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Note. Currently, Final Cut Pro XML format is supported. So, in theory, Syncaila can work with all NLE systems that support import and export in this format. But in practice, there may be some specifics of a particular NLE system operation. We will report on the support of other NLE systems upon completion of testing.

Provides correct interaction with Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.0, CS 5.5, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017

Of them are recommended: Adobe Premiere Pro СС 2014, СС 2015, СС 2017

Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6.0 and CC 7.0 incorrectly interpret audio channels when importing and exporting XML and are not recommended for use with Syncaila.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.0 and CS 5.5 split stereo tracks into mono tracks while importing and exporting XML. This creates a cumbersome sequence.

Below is a table of interaction with various versions of Adobe Premiere Pro.

CS 5.0 CS 5.5 CS 6.0 CC 7.0 CC 2014 CC 2015 CC 2017
Do not mess up channels + + + + +
Do not split stereo tracks to mono + + +
Supports color labels (for marking of synchronized clips) + + +


Mac OS version for Final Cut Pro is coming soon!


Step 1.  Export a sequence to XML

Before synchronization, start working in your editing software, as usual: create a project, sequence and import media files. Place the files from the cameras and recorders on separate tracks.

Export sequence to Final Cut Pro XML interchange format. Typically, the corresponding function can be found in the File > Export menu.

Note 1. Before export to XML, do not perform manual syncing, editing, or other processing. The Syncaila does not process the editing and does not save it.

Note 2. In order to avoid confusion in the next steps, pay attention to how you export XML – for a whole project or for a single sequence.

How to export XML from Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 2. Synchronization in Syncaila

Open Syncaila and perform 3 simple actions on the Sync panel, from left to right.

Syncaila Toolbar
Button 1. Open XML.

Click to open the just saved XML file.

Note. If you have exported the whole project from your editing software, you can select a sequence in Syncaila.  Learn more

Button 2. Synchronization.

Click to synchronize the sequence. Wait until the process is complete.

Note 1. Before starting the synchronization, you can switch the Speed-Quality Shifter. Learn more

Note 2. You can stop the process of synchronization and reset the sync results. Learn more

Note 3. The time of synchronization depends mainly on the speed of storage devices and is directly proportional to total footage duration.

Button 3. Save XML.

Click to save the synchronized sequence.

Note. The Syncaila saves only one sequence in single XML file. If you have imported and synchronized several sequences, be sure to save each one separately.

Step 3.  Import synchronized XML into the editing software.

Return to your editing software and import the saved XML file. Typically, the appropriate import function can be found in the File → Import menu. Wait until the import is complete and open the imported sequence.

That’s all!

How to import XML to Adobe Premiere Pro


Export to Final Cut Pro XML

By default, Adobe Premiere Pro exports the entire project.

To export a single sequence, select it (by clicking on it) in the Project window. By pressing the Ctrl key, you can select multiple sequences.

To export to Final Cut Pro XML, use the menu item File → Export… → Final Cut Pro XML… The Save Converted Project As window will open.

Import to Final Cut Pro XML

To import a Final Cut Pro XML file use the menu item File → Import… In the opened window select the Final Cut Pro XML (*.xml) file and click Open button.


Syncaila Toolbar with notes

Sequence selection

If you exported from the editing software a project with multiple sequences, you can navigate through them and synchronize each of them separately. For this, on the sync panel in the information block there are small buttons: Previous sequence and Current sequence. Each synchronized sequence must be saved in a separate XML file.

Speed-Quality Shifter

The Syncaila engine provides 5 modes of operation with selection between speed and quality.

  • Max speed
  • Speed priority
  • Medium
  • Quality priority
  • Max quality

By default, the switch is set to Quality Priority, as optimal for large projects and modern computers. Before starting the synchronization, you can set the switch to another position.

It should be noted that the time of synchronization mainly depends on the speed of storage devices (for example, reading from the SSD will be much faster than with the HDD), and to a much lesser extent depends on the computing power of the processor. For that reason, Speed-Quality Shifter allows you to speed up the synchronization process or improve its quality only in a relative degree. Due to the nonlinear logic of algorithms in some complex exceptional situations, a fast mode can give a better result. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the results obtained in the selected mode, you can try switching to another mode and run the synchronization again, which due to caching (if enabled) will run several times faster or even in a few seconds.

Stop the synchronization

You can stop the synchronization by pressing the STOP button on the sync panel.

Note. At some stages of synchronization, the process can not be stopped immediately, but it will be stopped after the current operation is completed.

Reset the results of synchronization

The synchronization results can be reset by pressing the RESET button on the sync panel. After this, the sequence returns to the state immediately after loading XML.

Note 1. Resetting the synchronization results only affects the current sequence. If the project has other synchronized sequences, the results of synchronizing of these sequences will not be affected.

Note 2. After saving XML, you can check the synchronization results in the editing software. If you are not satisfied with the synchronization results, you can press a RESET button, set the Speed-Quality shifter to another position and start the synchronization again. It will run much faster due to caching (if enabled), and you can get better results.

Synchronization log

Syncaila maintains a synchronization log to record the key events occurring during the process. You can see it by clicking on the last log record item, which is located under the Synchronization button.

Note. For each sequence, a separate journal is maintained in the project.

Syncaila log window

Scaling the Sequence Viewer and Navigating

Zoom in or zoom out by using the mouse wheel. Use scrollbars to navigate the sequence area.


To open the Settings window, click the Settings button on the title bar.

Syncaila title bar

If you want to set the default settings click the Default button.

Syncaila Settings window

Language selection

You can select a language from the list of available languages.

Media Cache Files

To speed up the synchronization of sequences with previously analyzed media files, Syncaila performs caching. The following settings are available in the Media Cache Files group.

Caching Enabling / Disabling

Enabled by default. Click on the Save to checkbox to disable or enable again.

Directory for Media Cache Files

In the text field, the path to the folder for storing Media Cache Files is specified. You can change it by clicking the Browse… button and selecting a new path in the window that opens.

Deleting Media Cache Files

It is performed automatically by default with 30-day storage time for each media cache file. You can enable/disable this option and set the storage time in the checkbox line Auto clear after __ days.

You can also delete all media cache files by clicking the Clean button.


Syncaila is distributed as shareware. It has a 30-day fully functional trial period.

During this time, Syncaila works exactly the same as the full registered version. Once the 30-day trial period is over, Syncaila will switch to free mode, unlimited in time of use, but limited in synchronizing capacity. You can continue to use Syncaila under shareware terms or register Syncaila by purchasing a license key.


At the moment, the following types of paid licenses are available:

  1. License Sync-2 – synchronization capacity of up to 2 tracks and unlimited number of clips
  2. License Sync-3 – synchronization capacity of up to 3 tracks and unlimited number of clips
  3. License Sync-4 – synchronization capacity of up to 4 tracks and unlimited number of clips
  4. Full license – unlimited synchronization capacity


If you do not need to sync very large multi-camera projects, you can save with option, sufficient for your tasks.
Also, a license upgrade will be available soon.


Syncaila is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. Syncaila is licensed, not sold.

Syncaila is distributed as shareware. It has a 30-day fully functional trial period.

During this time, Syncaila works exactly the same as the full registered version. Once the 30-day trial period is over, Syncaila will switch to free mode, unlimited in time of use, but limited in synchronizing capacity. You can continue to use Syncaila under shareware terms or register Syncaila by purchasing a license key.


The shareware license grants you:

  • 30-day TRIAL – functionally and capacity unlimited, as if full, registered version
  • Free synchronization up to 2 tracks and up to 30 clips forever

You are granted a nontransferable non-exclusive right to use shareware copy of Syncaila without time limits, on an unlimited number of computers. You may make as many copies of the unregistered shareware version as you wish; give exact copies of the original unregistered shareware version to anyone; and distribute the unregistered shareware version of Syncaila in its unmodified form via electronic means. You have the ability to register the shareware copy at any time by purchasing a license key. This will convert the shareware into the registered version.

The registered license grants you a nontransferable non-exclusive right to use a licensed copy of Syncaila without time limits, following the restriction to use one copy on a single computer or another digital device.


  • LICENSE SYNC-3 – synchronization capacity of up to 3 tracks and unlimited number of clips
  • LICENSE SYNC-4 – synchronization capacity of up to 4 tracks and unlimited number of clips
  • FULL LICENSE – unlimited synchronization capacity

COOLICOVE reserves the right to change the list of licensing options above. However old license keys will work from version to version naturally or by a free upgrade.


You may not use the registered copy of this software if you are not a registered user and doesn’t have legal permission to use it from a registered user.

Storage/Network Use

You may store or install a copy of Syncaila on a storage device, such as a network server, used only to install or run Syncaila on your other computers over an internal network; however, you must acquire and dedicate a license for each separate computer on or from which Syncaila is installed, used, accessed, displayed or run. A license for Syncaila may not be shared or used concurrently on different computers.


Shareware. You may not copy, share and distribute the licensed copy of Syncaila and/or license data without the explicit written permission from COOLICOVE.  Any unauthorized distribution of your license data will result in immediate and automatic termination of your license.

Registered. The shareware copies of Syncaila may be distributed unmodified provided any charge is to cover distribution costs only. The shareware copy of Syncaila may be placed on magazine discs as long as the COOLICOVE is informed.

Backup copy

You may make one backup copy of Syncaila and license key.

Rental / Resale

You may not sublicense, rent, lease and sell any version of Syncaila or any portion of it including the license data without the explicit written permission from the COOLICOVE.

Limitations on reverse engineering, decompilation, and disassembly

You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble Syncaila, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation.


License Key is time unlimited. You may upgrade minor and major versions of Syncaila without a fee.


Your rights derived from this license agreement will terminate immediately if you infringe upon COOLICOVE, its copyrights or breach the terms of this agreement. Copyright infringement or breaching this agreement may also result in criminal or civil prosecution.

You may terminate this license agreement at any time by destroying all copies of Syncaila in your possession and notifying COOLICOVE.


All title and intellectual property rights in and to Syncaila, the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of Syncaila are owned by COOLICOVE or its suppliers. All title and intellectual property rights in and to the content which may be accessed through use of Syncaila is the property of the respective content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties. This EULA grants you no rights to use such content. All rights not expressly granted are reserved by COOLICOVE.


The authors make no warranty or representation, either express or implied, with respect to Syncaila, its quality, accuracy, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. Syncaila is provided “as is”, and you, its user, assume the entire risk as to its quality and accuracy.


– Confusing results of synchronization when loading MTS files directly from BDMV folders

In case of the shooting in AVCHD format, and long recording durations, the files on the flash drive in the camera can be divided into 4GB each and be marked as sequential. When loaded into the NLE, such files can be united with consecutive ones. This happens through Blu-Ray playlists. Synсaila currently does not support playlists, so confusing results are possible. To work around the problem, it’s enough instead of copying the entire BDMV directory from the flash drive, only make a copy of MTS files (usually from here: PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM\). Soon, Syncaila will support playlists.
If you know about the problem and want it to be fixed as soon as possible, you can tell us about it right now!


Currently, Syncaila offers high-quality synchronization, supports the Final Cut Pro XML format and guarantees the correct interaction with Adobe Premiere Pro on import-export and export from Edius.

Here is the list of the main directions, in which Syncaila will develop in the next six months.

  • Support for Mac OS
  • Support for Final Cut Pro X
  • Support for major editing systems, including Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Edius and, possibly, some other
  • The ability to load a footage directly into Syncaila
  • Support for Blu-Ray playlists
  • Audio drift correction
  • Other new functions and useful improvements that will be a pleasant surprise for our users